W. G. Doolittle

1843-1844       Rooms over Dr. Dean’s Dispensary, Sag Harbor, New York.

W. G. Doolittle was recorded in an advertisement that ran from November 29, 1843 to January 24, 1844 in The Corrector (Sag Harbor, New York). Portraits and Miniatures, Now exhibiting at Dr. Dean’s Dispensary which in point of improvement will be found well worthy to attract the attention of all those who have not yet availed themselves of this beautiful art.

These Portraits and Miniatures are taken on an entire new plan from any heretofore taken in this village, and unknown to any except the subscriber, who from a series of repeated experiments has been enabled to bring them to that degree of perfection which the public readily appreciates, and by its exact delineations of still life, baffles the skill of the most eminent artist.

Photographic rooms over Dr. Dean’s open from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.  Persons from East and Bridgehampton, who have their portraits engaged can have them of Friday and Saturday, Dec. 2d and 3d.  Price for Portraits, Only $3, enclosed in a beautiful case or Frame.  W. G. Doolittle.

W. G. Doolittle is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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