Deyoe & Roberts

1849-1850       Rooms on Court Street, Over Merrill & Root’s Hat Store, Binghamton, New                             York.

Deyoe & Roberts were recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 19, 1849 to January 16, 1850 in the Broome Republican (Binghamton, New York).  Daguerrean Gallery.  The Subscribers respectfully announce that they have taken rooms on Court Street, over Merrill and Root’s Hat Store, where they will remain for a few weeks.  Their experience in the Art, the perfection of their Apparatus, and the superior character of their Chemical Preparations, are sufficient guarantee of their ability to take good and correct Likenesses.  The attention of the public is solicited to the following statement:

First—We have the best quality of materials and a Superior Camera.  This powerful instrument has been pronounced by the author of the American Treatise on daguerreotype, a rare specimen of Optical Skill.

2nd—The process employed by us enables us to produce, at will, pictures of any desired tone.  The rich shading of the Messotint, the Rose hue of Childhood, or the pure Alabaster whiteness of the face of beauty.

Also, a first rate Camera and other Daguerrean Stock for sale.  L. W. Deyoe, Geo. C. Roberts.

L. W. Deyoe and George C. Roberts are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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