John S. Dey

1845                Rooms on Seneca Street, 2d door east of the Methodist Church, Geneva, New                             York.

John S. Dey was recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 11 to November 11, 1845 in the Geneva Courier (Geneva, New York).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  Mr. John S. Dey, of this village, (office 2d door east of the Methodist Church, on Seneca street, up stairs,) will take likenesses of the above description for all who may disposed to favor him with their patronage.  Specimens of his skill may be seen at the door, or at his rooms, an inspection of which, he is sure, will satisfy the most fastidious of those who may wish likenesses of themselves, their relatives, or friends.  By an improvement in his apparatus united with practical skill, he professes to be able to secure the proportion of the features and the expression of the eyes and countenance with far more accuracy than is generally attained in this kind of portrait.  Fac-similies of painted portraits may by this means be indefinitely multiplied, and the likeness even of a deceased friend or relative preserved with surprising fidelity, and when required Mr. Dey will wait upon his customers at their houses; and he can assure the public generally, that no pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction to those who may favor him with a call.

His terms are moderate, being for a single portrait $3.50, for a group of two in one frame $4, and 50 cts. for every additional likeness.  In all cases of attending at the residence of the party his charges will be reasonable.

John S. Dey is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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