W. Calhoun Cralle

1854                Rooms at Mansion House, 37 Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.                        1855                37 Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.[1]

W. Calhoun Cralle was recorded in an advertisement that ran from May 4 to June 7, 1854 in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  New Skylight Daguerrean Gallery—W. Calhoun Cralle, Daguerreotypist, having opened Daguerrean Rooms in this city, offers his professional services to the citizens and public generally.  He will give his constant personal attention to his rooms, and hopes by strict application to business to be able to execute Pictures in a style worthy of the art and its professors; yet he will make no promises to excel, but submits his claims to patronage to a discriminating public on his merits.  He can be found at his Rooms, No. 37 (Mansion House) Main street, from sunrise to sunset.  Pictures taken in any kind of weather.  Prices uniform.

W. Calhoun Cralle has been reported in other photographic directories. Craig Daguerreian Registry list him only in 1855. While Photographers in Virginia, 1839-1900 list him in 1854 & 1855.  In both directories he is listed as W. C. Cralle.

[1] Photographers in Virginia, 1839-1900: a checklist.  By Louis Ginsburg

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