L. W. Colton

1849                825, 826 & 27 Foot’s Block, Springfield, Massachusetts.

L. W. Colton was recorded in an advertisement which ran from March 14 to May 8, 1849 in the Springfield Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts). O. H. Cooley has this day associated with him Mr. L. W. Colton, and the business will hereafter by conducted under the name of O. H. Cooley & Co., at the old stand in Foot’s new building, where they will continue to give the public more of those unrivalled Sky-Light Daguerreotypes, which have gained for this establishment its just and far famed celebrity, and they hope by unceasing endeavors to please, to merit a continuance of the public patronage.  The Rooms will be open for visitors from 8 o’clock A. M. until sunset.  All are invited to call and examine specimens whether they wish for pictures or not.

O. H. Cooley would also request those who have unsettled accounts to call as soon as practicable and settle the same with him or Prof. Atwater, who is yet at hand at his department in No. 8.

L. W. Colton is not recorded in other photographic directories. It is unknown if Colton is a daguerreotypist or just a business partner.

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