Mr. Clark

1851                26 Foot’s Building, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Mr. Clark was recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 9, 1851 to January 22, 1852 in the Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts).  Kossuth Has Come!  And while this illustrious exile is being received with distinguished honor and shouts of welcome, let Cooley’s Daguerrian Gallery not be forgotten.  While the countenance is lighted up by the soul-inspiring eloquence of this great man step into Cooley’s, and in a few moments he will give you one of those superb Daguerreotype Likenesses for which his Gallery is famed, the world over.—His Sky-light needs no puffing—it can’t be beat—and those who have any eyes at all may be sure of obtaining a good picture.

The Professor may be found at his old station, and with our gentlemanly Operator, Mr. Clark, will be ready to wait upon visitors and sitters, and will give entire satisfaction to all.

Lockets, Keys, Rings, Pins, and every style of Case may be obtained at his Establishment, at the lowest prices; also, all kinds of material used in the business.  Call at Cooley’s, No. 26 Foot’s Building, and he will try to suit you.         O. H. Cooley.

Mr. Clark was not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900 or in other photographic directories.

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