Daniel Chapman

N.D.                 Address Unknown, Hyannis, Massachusetts.                                                              1855                Address Unknown, Boston, Massachusetts.                                                                    1857-1859     Address Unknown, Boston, Massachusetts.

Daniel Chapman was first recorded in Hyannis, Massachusetts from a broadside formerly in Harvey Zucker Collection.  In 1855 and in 1857-1859 he was listed in the Boston City Directory as a daguerreotypist without a business address.

At the Daguerrean Saloon, [            ] Hotel  “One chance more, as I will own, So call before I go.”

The undersigned would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Hyannis and his patrons generally that he will remain but one week more, and those wishing Pictures of themselves or friends will do well to embrace this opportunity, as his work needs no recommendation but to call and sit.  Having had ten years’ experience, and taken thousands of Pictures he trusts he will give the best of satisfaction.

Cases of all kinds. Lockets, Pins, Rings, & c., constantly on hand.  Pictures for 50 Cents, and upwards.

Daniel Chapman.  P. S.—Adults taken equally as good in cloudy as fair weather.  Children taken from 10 to 2 o’clock in fair weather.

Chapman was not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900 as an itinerant in Hyannis, Massachusetts or in 1855 in Boston.  He was listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1855, 1857-1859.

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