J. A. Bennet

J. A. Bennet was recorded in two advertisements on Long Island in The Corrector (Sag Harbor, New York,) the first advertisement ran from June 14 to August 5, 1843.

Portraits! Portraits!  By the Daguerreotype Process.  J. A. Bennet would inform his friends and the public, that he has been extensively engaged in taking portraits by this process in the southern country the past season, and has now the pleasure of announcing that he has taken a room in Maj. Hildreth’s brick buildings, at Sag Harbor, where he will be happy to see those who wish to procure life-like miniatures of themselves or friends; and he flatters himself, judging from the past, that he will be able to give satisfaction.  These pictures are also indelible.  Mr. B. has adopted all the recent improvements and will guarantee as good pictures as can be procured in Boston, N. York or Philadelphia, and at the same prices; he also colors them in the latest style.  All are invited to call at the room and examine specimens.  Whaleman, you are about to leave your homes; do you not wish to take with you miniatures of some loved ones, or do you not wish to present them at parting with a copy of your own features, true to the life; then delay not.  Price for taking miniatures (case included) $3.00; with coloring $5.00.

The second advertisement ran on August 16 & 23, 1843.

Daguerreotype Portraits, At Bridgehampton.  J. A. Bennet has taken a room at Mr. N. Mitchell’s, Bull’s Head, where he will remain for a few days, for the purpose of taking portraits, for all who may wish them, and he would invite the attention of the Bridgehampton people, to the specimens exhibiting at the above room.

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does have an entry for John A. Bennet in South America in 1842-1843, and in Mobile, Alabama in 1843-1844.  At this time there is no evidence that they are the same person.

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