Smith Bennett

Smith Bennett is recorded in the Daily American Organ on February 9, 1855, and in the Evening Star on February 10, 1855.  Both newspapers are published in Washington, D. C. and reported that both Smith Bennett and Robert A. Carden exhibited beautiful frames of daguerreotypes at the Exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanic’s Institute.  Bennett and Carden both have galleries in Alexandria, Virginia.

On March 17, 1855 in the Evening Star (Washington, D. C.) the following announcement appeared of the premiums issued at the fair.  Rehearing And Confirmation.—The Judges on daguerreotypes had a rehearing yesterday at the request of one of the disappointed, which resulted in the unanimous confirmation of the opinion declared on Wednesday evening, viz.  Smith Bennett, of Alexandria, Va., silver medal for the best daguerreotypes and stereoscopes.

Smith Bennett is not recorded in other photographic directories but Nathan S. Bennett, Nahum S. Bennett and Robert A. Carden are recorded in a number of directories and newspaper advertisement in other location.

There is evidence that suggest that Smith Bennett is almost certainly Nahum S. Bennett who has galleries in Washington, D. C. (1850-1852) and Alexandria, Virginia (1855-1857.)  I would also like to tie Nathan S. Bennett into the mix but no concrete information has been found to substantiate this theory.

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