Barkelow, Mr.

On July 12, 1854, in the New York Daily Tribune.  (New York, New York.)  The following notice appeared.

Arrest Of Daguerreotype Artists.—The following named persons were yesterday arrested on complaint of Thos. S. Jube of No. 83 Bowery, who charges them with practicing their business on Sundays, contrary to law: Mr. Reeves, corner of Grand-st. and Bowery; Mrs. Baulch, No. 113 Bowery; Mr. Brille, No. 156 Bowery; Mr. Barkelow, No. 132 Bowery; Mr. Reed, No. 98 Bowery; Mr. Weston, No. 132 Chatham-st.  They were taken to the Second District Police Court and held for examination.

Interesting Thomas S. Jube was also a daguerreotypist, of the seven names listed Mr. Barkelow and Mrs. Baulch were previously not recorded in any of the photographic directories checked.

Julius Brille, Thomas S. Jube, G. M. Reed, Moses Reeves and James P. Weston are each listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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