Recorded in the Lansingburgh Democrat, published in Lansingburgh, New York on February 3d and 10th, 1853.  Two notices appear in the paper which are very confusing, on the third he is listed in the partnership of Irvin & Bablin, Daguerrian Artist, over T. Lavender’s Grocery Store.  The notice goes on to say that we are satisfied that they are artists of considerable merit.  On the 10th they are identified as Ravlen & Irving, the notice mentions that they have just received a new invoice of splendid Pearl, Velvet, and Ivory Inlaid cases, for Daguerreotypes. There is no mention of the two daguerreotypist after the February 10th listing in the newspaper.

In the process of trying to identify who Bablin (Ravlen) and Irvin (Irving) might be. I checked Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  There was no listing found for Bablin or Ravlen, Under Irvin there is a listing for James Irvin.  John suggest that it is a spelling variant for James Irving.  John says that he was an Itinerate and worked for the Meade Brothers and was in Troy, New York from 1852 to 1861.  The distance from Lansingburgh to Troy is under twelve miles so it is possible that James Irving is part of the partnership based on activity date and location, but this is just speculation on my part.  Bablin/Ravlen remains unknown at this time, but if Irving turns out to be the correct name then that means that Ravlen is possibly the correct name and Bablin is a typo.


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