William T. Anderson

Anderson was first listed in the 1844 Boston City Directory with no occupation listed and has a house at 10 Central Street; in 1845 he is not listed in the directory; he is listed in the Boston City Directory in 1846 with an occupation of collar maker, he lives at 50 Billerica; the 1846/1847 Boston City Directory list his occupation as Daguerreotype Composition Factory with no business address, he is still living at 50 Billerica; In 1847/1848 directory he is not listed; In the 1848/1849 Directory his occupation is Manufacturer of Artists Colors & Paints, business address is 13 East Dedham and lives at 3 Hamburgh; 1849/1850 again he is not listed in the residence listings; 1850/1851 Directory he is listed as a Chemist with no business address listed, House at Hooton Court; 1851 Directory he is not listed; and In the 1852 Directory his occupation is listed as Manufacturer Printers Ink, and house at 95 Marginal Street.

What is a Daguerreotype Composition Factory? One can only speculate that based on Anderson’s occupations that it has something to do with manufacturing pigments for coloring daguerreotypes.

The original information about the Daguerreotype Composition Factory was brought to my attention by Ronald J. and Mary S. Zboray while they were doing research at the Massachusetts Historical Society.  William T. Anderson is not included in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900.

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