Aldrich & Morse

Recorded from the Worcester Daily Spy, published in Worcester, Massachusetts on January 1, 1851.  The name(s) and partnership are new and were not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900.  One could speculate, but that is all it would be speculation at this time, that Aldrich is L. Aldrich who was record in Lowell, Massachusetts in several newspaper advertisements from May 29 to August 22, 1846 but there is no information that tie the two together.  A stronger case could be argued that Morse is possibly L. Morse who was recorded in the Worcester newspapers at 142 Main Street, from January 11 to 27, 1849.  Note of advertisement in the lower right hand corner was date November 2, 1850.

Now Is The Time, And Waldo Block is the Place.

In order to introduce our Types to the public, we shall sell them for a few days for fifty cents.  In the Best Cases for One Dollar, such as are sold for $1.50 at other rooms.  We intend to attract the public to our Rooms by making good Miniatures at fair prices, rather than by a display of Stained Glass, costly Mirrors, Tapestry Carpets, &c.  Beware of humbugs, and remember our Rooms are up only one flight of stairs, and that we have decidedly The Best Light in the City.     Aldrich & Morse.  Worcester.                          Nov. 2, 1850.                Advertisement ran from January 1 to March 14, 1851.

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