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William F. White

N. D.               Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Virginia.

William F. White was mentioned in one advertisement that was recorded on January 25, 1855 in  The Daily Express (Petersburg, Virginia).  Read And Remember.—If you wish a beautiful Gold Locket, Breast Pin, Watch Seal, Key, Ring, Bracelets, Medallion, Fancy Cases or Frames, and a correct and highly finished Daguerreotype taken, to have placed therein, that at the Gallery of Minnis’ is the place to obtain such.

Also remember, that Minnis has removed to the Gallery Formerly occupied by Wm. F. White, on Sycamore street, opposite Bollingbrook street, over the store of Lyon, Abrahams & Davis.

William F. White is not recorded in other photographic directories.