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William C. Hall

1850                Rooms at Thespian Hall, Canton, Mississippi.

William C. Hall was recorded in an announcement and an advertisement on March 7, 1850 in  The Madisonian (Canton, Mississippi).  We call attention to the advertisement of W. C. Hall, the Photographical Artist.  From the specimens of his work to be seen at the entrance to his room, near Priestly & Mosby’s, and also from our knowledge of several life-like portraits taken by him, during his sojourn in our village, we cheerfully recommend him to the patronage of the public.  All who desire Daguerreotype likenesses of themselves or family, would do well to call.

The advertisement ran on March 7, 1850 in The Madisonian (Canton, Mississippi).  Daguerreotype.  Wm. C. Hall, Photographical Artist, Has arrived in Canton and has opened a Gallery in the Thespian Hall.

Mr. H. Now offers an opportunity to all persons who feel disposed to have their likenesses taken, the chance to have them Executed in the best Daguerreotype Style, and very respectfully invites the Ladies and Gentlemen to call and examine his specimens:

Secure the Shadow ere the Substance fade,  Let Nature copy that which Nature made. Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Taken in any weather.  A knowledge of the art imparted, if immediately applied for, to a few persons.

William C. Hall does not appear in other photographic directories.