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Simeon Williams

1848                Clinton House, Clinton, Massachusetts.

1849                82 Main Street, Waits Block, Worcester, Massachusetts.[1]

1851                Address Unknown, Claremont, New Hampshire

Simeon Williams was recorded in two books, two advertisements and one announcement.  The first book he was mentioned in was the History of the Origin of the Town of Clinton, Massachusetts 1653-1865 by Andrew E. Ford, 1896.  Daguerrean Artists.  P. 397…S. Williams, who had a saloon near the Clinton House [Clinton, Massachusetts].

The second book he was mentioned in wasThe Worcester Historical Society Publications  (Worcester, Massachusetts.)  New Series Vol. I, No. 8, April 1935, p. 438…During the year 1846 we find the firm of White and Andrews located in the Central Exchange.  They appear to have remained in business only for a brief period.  Other men in the field before 1850 were Lewis Babbitt, Simeon Williams and M. S. Chapin.

The first advertisement ran from January 8 to April 18, 1849 in the Worcester Daily Spy  (Worcester, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes for 75 Cents, S. Williams, the proprietor of the City Daguerreotype Gallery, having taken the Rooms formerly occupied by A. Morse, in Wait’s Block, No. 82 Main Street, nearly opposite the Eagle Hotel, and fitted them up with new and Enlarged Lights, arranged and perfectly adapted to the business, is prepared to execute Daguerreotype Likenesses superior to those taken or exhibited at any other establishment in Worcester.  This is the only place in this City where a first rate Daguerreotype can be obtained for Seventy-five Cents—notwithstanding the advertisements to the contrary by Boys who are employed to clean plates at a certain other establishment, the proprietor of which has, for the past seven or eight months, been floating upon the reputation of another Artist.

The object of this advertisement is to inform the public where they can procure a Daguerreotype for the above price, executed by a skillful Artist; instead of being made subjects for the practice of inexperienced Youths.

The announcement appeared on October 23, 1851 in the National Eagle (Claremont, New Hampshire).  Daguerreotypes.  In another part of this paper may be found the advertisement of Messrs. Bundy & Williams, Daguerreotypists.  We have seen some specimens of their work, and they are certainly very fine.  We know not that we ever saw Daguerreotype pictures so clear and life-like, as may be found among their specimens.  Call and see them.

The second advertisement ran from October 23 to November 13, 1851 in the National Eagle.

Daguerreotypes.  The citizens of this village and vicinity are respectfully solicited to visit the Daguerrian Gallery of Messrs. J. K. Bundy and S. Williams, now stopping in this place, where may be found a better assortment of Specimens of the Daguerrian Art than has ever been exhibited here before.  The artists guarantee that every judge of Pictures that will call shall feel satisfied that this is the fact, and they shall be shown pictures of some of the most distinguished men of the age, and also some of the most beautiful ladies in New England.

The subscribers are prepared to take and pit up pictures in every variety of style, from the miniature for a finger ring up to as large a size as desired, and at such a reasonable rate that all shall be satisfied.  For clearness of tone and strength of likeness, no picture taken in the country have ever surpassed them.  A dull, smokey, greasy looking Daguerreotype is worse than nothing, and we wish our pictures compared with those formerly taken in this place.—Will Ladies and Gentlemen give us an early call, as our stay must be very short.

Testimonials of the most flattering character will be shown if desired.

Copying of every description done to order.

Ladies and Gentlemen, will be better satisfied with Pictures in dark drapery.

Children should sit in mid-day in fair weather—all others in any weather and at all hours.

We are also acting agents for the sale of Smith & Green’s Seraphines and Melodeons, a beautiful instrument, manufactured with Carkart’s Improvement, and we are authorized to sell them at a more reasonable rate than they can be purchased at any other place.  We have one specimen at our carriage.  Also for sale, Sheet Music.  J. K. Bundy, S. Williams.

Simeon Williams is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1849.

[1] A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.