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Wesley Abbott

1855                19 Central Street, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Wesley Abbott was recorded in one advertisement in the Andover Advertiser (Andover, Massachusetts) that was recorded on September 15, 1855.  Wesley Abbott Would say to the citizens of Andover, that he is prepared to take every style of Daguerreotype, in the most artistic manner, at the lowest prices.  He would say that he has the best light in the city, for taking Single Pictures or Groups, and is prepared to execute pictures of every size and price, from 50 cents to $20.

Lovers of the fine arts are invited to call and examine the rooms and apparatus, and see specimens of Stereoscopic pictures, Crayons, Magic and Metalic backgrounds, &c.

His rooms are at 19 Central Street, near the Post Office, Lowell.  March 31.  Wesley Abbott.

Wesley Abbott is not recorded in other photographic directories.