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W. S. Stevenson

1846                Museum Building, Merrimack Street, Lowell, Massachusetts.

1846                20 Merrimack Street, Lowell, Massachusetts.

W. S. Stevenson was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in The Niagara (Lowell, Massachusetts) on The advertisement appeared on July 25, 1846.  Daguerreotype Miniatures!  Rooms in the Museum Building, Merrimack st.

W. S. Stevenson would inform his former patrons, and the public in general, that he has fitted up Rooms in the Museum Building, over N. Wright’s office, where he will be pleased to wait upon those wishing for a good and permanent Miniature.

Gold And Plated Lockets kept constantly on hand, for Daguerreotype Miniatures, cheap as can be found elsewhere.

The announcement appeared on August 22, 1846.  Daguerreotype Miniatures——Again.

I noticed in your No. of August 15th, an article which seems to come from a fool source, or from some one a little out of humor.  The first important statement is that a “gentleman”(?) At No. 20 Merrimack street exhibits pictures taken by Thompson, Artist, as his own.  In re[ply] to this, I would say, I have proof ample and abundant that I have not one picture in my show-cases, or about my door, except my own likeness (for which I made every preparation,) but was taken by myself.  I presume Mr. A., whose name is mentioned in the article referred to, will not pretend that I have had better pictures than I now have—if he does, I can easily give satisfaction on that point.  The next important statement is, that the stock recently purchased by me is “nearly good for nothing,”—a sufficient portion of which I now have, to make this statement a perfect libel.  Among what I now have at my rooms, purchased in the very lot referred to, is one large German Camera of the best quality ever imported—the same instrument with which those pictures were taken, whose location so much displeases Mr. A.  But then, Mr. A., you need not be too much alarmed!  Just hand over the $100 you offer, and I will take one or one dozen, as good pictures as you marvel at, and then learn you in less than one year to take quite respectable Daguerreotype Miniatures.

The Man At The Old Stand, No. 20 Merrimack street.  Lowell, Aug. 20, 1846.

W. S. Stevenson is not recorded in other photographic directories.