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Turner & Reed

1849                Union Block, Main Street, over David S. Dutton Store, Claremont, N. H.

Turner & Reed (first names not known) were recorded in two advertisements in the National Eagle (Claremont, New Hampshire.)  The first advertisement ran from April 19 to June 14, 1849. Daguerreotypes.  Turner & Reed, Daguerrean Artists, would respectfully announce to the ladies ad gentlemen of Claremont and vicinity that they are to remain here but two or three weeks.  Persons wishing for perfect likenesses of themselves or friends, would do well to give us a call; for we have every improvement in the art that the day affords.  We use none but the best materials.  Pictures neatly set in every variety of style.  Persons having pictures with which they are dissatisfied can have them retaken for half a dollar.  Perfect satisfaction in all cases or no charge.  We invite all to call and see fore themselves.  Rooms over David S. Dutton’s store, Union Block, Main st., Claremont, N. H.

The second advertisement ran on June 14 & 21, 1849. Notice.  We take this opportunity to inform the Ladies ad Gentlemen of Claremont and vicinity that next week is our last week in this place, and we would cordialy invite all who wish for a perfect likenesses of themselves or friends, to give us a call within said time.

All persons that are not interested in our or other’s business, say that our pictures are the most natural, especially the eyes, that ever was out in this country.—Ladies and Gentlemen please call and see.  We express our sincere thanks for patronage already received.  Turner & Reed.

Daguerrean Artists.—Rooms over D. S. Dutton’s Store.  Claremont Lower Village. Turner & Reed are not recorded in other photographic directories