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S. T. Hawley. 

1842                150 State Street, opposite Given’s Hotel, Schenectady, New York.

S. T. Hawley was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 10 & 17, 1842 in The Reflector and Schenectady Democrat (Schenectady, New York).  Daguerreotype Studio.  No. 150 State street, up stairs, opposite Givens’ Hotel.  Splendid Work Of Nature And Art.  Miniature Portraits by the Daguerreotype taken in any weather from 8½ A. M., till 4½ P. M., in a style which cannot be surpassed.

By this process, a miniature can be taken in twenty-five minutes which will be recognized at a glance, as a perfect likeness, and cannot be otherwise that accurate, as it is entirely the work of nature.  Time required in sitting, from 20 seconds to 2½ minutes.  Satisfaction given, or nothing will be demanded.     S. T. Hawley.

S. T. Hawley is not recorded in other photographic directories.