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S. Lasher

1851-1852       Rooms in the Court House, Plymouth , Indiana.

S. Lasher was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Plymouth Pilot (Plymouth, Indiana). The announcement appeared on November 26, 1851.  By reference to our advertising columns it will be seen, that Mr, S. Lasher is on hand with his Daguerrean apparatus, taking likenesses superior to any thing of the kind we have seen.—All those wishing any thing done in this line would do well to give Mr. Lasher a call—room at the Court House.

The advertisement ran from November 26, 1851 to January 7, 1852.  Wanted, Any number of Faces, to give Metalic immortality. Those wishing correct Daguerrean Likenesses (not caricatures,) of themselves or friends, may be sure of being accommodated, on reasonable terms, by stepping into the room of the subscriber in the Court House, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 4 P. M.

The subscriber having taken rooms as above, would be pleased if the Ladies and Gentlemen of this vicinity, would call and examine his specimens, give him a sitting, and should the impression fail to give you full satisfaction don’t take it.

Parents, soon these frail tenements will be mouldering in the dust—secure then, the image, ere the substance fade, to leave as a memento of your children in after years, when you are gone—and as children may die, would it not be well to preserve a true likeness when so easily obtained.  Friends often regret when too late, that they have not done it.  An opportunity is now offered to “secure the shadow ere the substance fade. Let Nature copy that which Nature made.”

Instructions in the art, carefully given and apparatus’ furnished at New York Prices.  S. Lasher.

N. B. Pictures are taken as low as $1.75.

S. Lasher does not appear in other photographic directories.