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Robert Wolcott Gibbes

1857                Address Unknown, South Carolina.

Dr. Robert Wolcott Gibbes was recorded in an announcement that appeared on November 19, 1857 in the Yorkville Enquirer (Yorkville, South Carolina).  What We Saw And Heard….There were objects at the fair to please the eye, the taste and the fancy of the fastidious amateur, and the judgment and good sense of the plain, substantial farmer…. But it will make the decent more gradual to sketch in the next place the picture gallery.  In this department we must confess our expectations were not altogether realized.  Nevertheless, there were several good paintings and a choice selection of hallotypes and photographs on exhibition.— The finest pictures, we believe, belonged to Dr. Gibbes.  Messrs. Kingsmore & Wearn, of Newberry, sent down some beautiful photograph portraits.  Those of Hon. John Belton O’Neall and Hon. Preston S. Brooks attracted most attention.

Dr. Robert Wolcott Gibbes was not recorded in other photographic directories.