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1851-1852       57 Fourth Street, Opposite Planter’s House, St. Louis, Missouri.

Rand was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Hannibal Journal and Western Union (Hannibal, Missouri).  The announcement ran on October 9, 1851. St. Louis Business Directory…Daguerrean Artist.—

Fitzgibbon, No 1 Fourth and Market streets;                                                                                        Dobyn & Co., Corner Fourth and Chestnut streets;                                                                                  Rand 57 Fourth street, opposite Planter’s House.

The advertisement ran from October 9, 1851 to January 15, 1852.  Rand’s Daguerreotype Saloons, 57 Fourth street, opposite Planters House, St. Louis, Mo.  Ladies and Gentlemen visiting St. Louis are invited to call and have their likenesses taken in a style equal to that of any in the world.  S. S. Meacham, Artist & Sup’t.

According to Craig’s Daguerreian Registry this is probably C. A. Rand.