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R. C. Pratt

1844                Address Unknown, Binghamton, New York.

R. C. Pratt was recorded in an announcement on  September 26, 1844 in the Binghamton Courier (Binghamton, New York).  Daguerreotype Portraits.  We dropped in to Mr. R. C. Pratt’s room the other day and examined with much gratification his specimens in the Daguerreotype art.  They are certainly very superior, possessing a delicacy and finish and life, which we have rarely seen equaled and never surpassed.  Features and drapery are alike perfect.  Those of our citizens wishing likenesses of themselves or friends, will do well to call upon Mr. Pratt.  His stay here, he informed us, will not extend beyond a very few days.

R. C. Pratt is not recorded in other photographic directories.