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Joseph Hobday

1854                High Street, Portsmouth, Virginia.

Joseph Hobday was recorded in an announcement that appeared on July 26, 1854 in the Daily Evening Star (Washington, D. C.)  Portsmouth Correspondence….A day or two since, we paid a visit to the Daguerrean rooms of Mr. Joseph Hobday, on High street, and were much pleased with the specimens of art exhibited.  Having recently perfected some new and important arrangements for obtaining shades of light, he gives a picture differing in no essential particular from nature.  A Daguerreotype of a group of four brothers—who, after a separation of many years had again met around the family altar, and who designed this as a present to their parents as a memento—attracted much attention, the execution of which reflects great credit upon Mr. Hobday, and stamps him as an artist of the first rank.

Joseph Hobday is not recorded in other photographic directories.