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J. M. Petch

1849                Address and Location Unknown, New York.

J. M. Petch was recorded in one announcement that appeared  on September 28, 1849 in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York).  From the Fredonia Censor.  Annual Fair of the Chautauqua County Agricultural Society….Miscellaneous in-door articles…

Specimens of Daguerreotype likenesses        Battle & Hadley            1.00                                        Specimens of Daguerreotype likenesses        S. Ward                               .75                                          Specimens of Daguerreotype likenesses        J. M. Petch                         .50

J. M. Petch is not recorded in other photographic directories.

J. De La Montanye

1848                Rooms at the Court House, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

J. De La Montanye was recorded in an announcement on August 10, 1848 in the Jefferson Republican (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania). Daguerreotype Portraits. Mr. J. De La Montanye, of New York, is now in Stroudsburg, and will remain for a few days, for the purpose of taking miniatures by the Daguerreotype process.  We have examined several likenesses taken by Mr. M., and we do not hesitate  in saying that they are superior to any ever taken in this place, and persons wishing to transmit their physiognomy to posterity, just as it is, should not leave the present opportunity pass by.  There is no mistake about the Daguerreotype, we have seen it tried.  If any one wishes to satisfy himself in this matter, let him call on Mr. M. now at the Court House, who will be happy to attend to all request of this nature.

J. De La Montanye is not recorded in other photographic directories.