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Mrs. R. Van Lew

1851                South side of Seneca Street, opposite Cobb & Smith’s Store, Geneva, New York.

Mrs. R. Van Lew was recorded in one advertisement that ran from January 15 to March 26, 1851 in the Geneva Courier (Geneva, New York).  Daguerreotypes!  Mrs. R. Van Lew would respectfully mention that she has possessed herself of all necessary information and apparatus for the successful prosecution of the Photographic Art, and, as a further assistance to her skill, has the fine skylight fitted and used by Messrs. Humphrey & Walker, opposite the Store of Messrs. Cobb & Smith south side of Seneca st.

Mrs. V. would be pleased to see her friends and the good public; especially that portion of them who entertain a wish to “see themselves as others see them,” and, as only the unrivaled Daguerrean process can preserve the tangible volume of their countenance for themselves, and for future friendly reference.                                                                                              

Mrs. R. Van Lew is not recorded in other photographic directories.