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Mr. Wright

1857                Rooms opposite the Store of Barker, Parrish & Co., Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Mr. Wright was recorded I one advertisement that was recorded from June 14 to July 23, 1857 in the Sunny South (Aberdeen, Mississippi).  Something New!  Sky-Light Ambrotypes!  Wright’s Picture Gallery Is at last complete, and vies with any place of the kind in the Southern country.  The subscriber is now prepared to take Ambrotypes by the late London Process.  By this process, it will be seen that pictures process a strength not inferior to the most celebrated Oil Paintings, yet preserving all the beauty of light and shade which can be found in the finest Mezzzolent Engravings.  By a new chemical preparation, the likeness is so protected as to remain unchanged by atmospheric influence, and cannot be tarnished or injured by washing or rubbing.—There is a degree of perfection about these pictures that render them a great more valuable than the ordinary Ambrotype; the likeness is brought out in more full, round, and life-like appearance than by the old process.  Eight years constant practice, in the Photographic Art, enables Mr. Wright to state, with confidence, that his pictures cannot be surpassed in any part of the world.  The most artistic skill exercised as to position; also, in equalizing the light and shade on the face, so as to give every life-like expression, and entirely obviate that flat, cadaverous expression, so common to Daguerreotypes.

Lovers of nature and of Natures art, and the public generally, are invited to call and examine specimens.

Gallery, opposite the Store of Barker, Parrish & Co.

Al work warranted.  May 14, 1857.

Mr. Wright is not recorded in other photographic directories.