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Mr. Turton

1854-1855       Main and Biddle Streets, Centre Wheeling, Virginia.

Mr. Turton of the partnership of Beamer & Turton was recorded in one advertisement in the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer (Wheeling, Virginia).  The advertisement ran from March 24, 1854 to November 30, 1855.  Messrs. Beamer & Turton, having taken the Rooms formerly occupied by Mr. L. Tarbell as a Daguerrean Gallery, corner of Main and Biddle streets, Centre Wheeling, beg leave to solicit a share of patronage from his friends and the public at large.

They make it a rule not to let any pictures go out but what are satisfactory, and well executed.

Gold and Silver plating executed neatly.

Orders left here for sign painting will be attended to J. Turton & Brother. 

Mr. Turton is not recorded in other photographic directories.