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Mr. Lang

1852                Address Unknown, Gardiner, Maine.

Mr. Lang was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on December 23, 1852 in the Eastern Times (Bath, Maine).  Fire In Gardiner.—Mr. Morrill, route agent on the Kennebec and Portland Railroad, informs us that early on Saturday morning, a fire broke out in Gardiner, in the store  (directly over the post office) occupied by Mr. Stone, and owned by Mr. Richards of the firm Richards & Hopkins.  The store and goods were badly damaged.  The post office was saved by great exertions, although every thing was removed from it.  Among these who were burned out, are Mr. Lang, daguerreotype artist; Mr. Brown, barber, and Dr. Whitmore.  Damage about $2000.

Mr. Mr. Lang, is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Gardiner, Maine.  It is possible that this is L. Lang who was active in Portland, Maine from 1849 to 1851.