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Mr. Horton

1850                Chapin’s Block, Cabotville, Massachusetts.

Mr. Horton was recorded in an announcement that appeared on January 2, 1850 in the Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts).  Large Fire In Cabotville.—Cabotville seems to have got up a fire fever.  On Wednesday morning, the new building, built last season, and known as “Chapin’s Block,” suffered severely.  Sixty-six feet of the block was owned by Giles S. Chapin, 22 by Mrs. A. Wait, and 22 by E. B. Haskell.  The fire broke out in the third story of the part belonging to Mr. Haskell, in Horton’s Daguerrian Gallery, and destroyed the building as far as Chapin’s part of the block, where it me with a brick partition, and was arrested, not, however, without damage to Mr. Chapin of about $1,000.  Haskell’s part was occupied by a grocery in the basement, kept by himself; a dry  goods store on the first floor owned by Lewis Cutler, on the 2d floor by Dr. Morgan’s Dentistry Office, and on the third by Mr. Horton, the daguerrian.  Mrs. Wait’s part was occupied by her own millinery store and T. S. Morgan, jeweller.  The goods from all these establishments were mostly saved, with the exception of Mr. Haskell’s groceries, who lost considerable.  The loss of the building is estimated at $6,000, and the entire loss at $10,000.  We learn that nearly everything is insured.  The exertions of the firemen on the occasion are spoken of in terms of the highest praise.—A correspondent informs us that Mr. Haskell and Mrs. Wait were each insured $2,000 on their building, and that the daguerreotype room, where the fire originated, had not been in use for several days.

Mr. Horton is not listed in other photographic directories.