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M. M. Wit

1856                South-East Corner of Diagonal Street, Helena, Arkansas.

M. M. Wit was recorded in one advertisement that was recorded on May 22 & June 12, 1856 in the State Rights Democrat (Helena, Arkansas).  Something New!  Ambrotype Likenesses.  M. M. Witt presents his compliments to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Helena and vicinity, and would be pleased to furnish them with the most beautiful likenesses of themselves and friends.  The Ambrotype is rich in-tone, and more durable than the Daguerreotype, and unlike the Daguerreotype may be distinctly seen in any angle of light.  Call and see me, at my Room, on the South-east corner of Diagonal street.  May 15, 1856.

M. M. Witt is not recorded in other photographic directories.