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M. L. Sutphen

1853                Rooms in the Second Building South of Pomeroy’s Store, Plymouth, Indiana.

M. L. Sutphen was recorded in one advertisement that ran from September 1 to December 1, 1853 in the Plymouth Banner (Plymouth, Indiana).  Daguerrean Rooms, Plymouth, Ind.  M. L. Sutphen, Having permanently located in this place, and fitted up suitable Rooms in the second building south of Pomeroy’s store, up stairs, is at all times prepared to execute likenesses and miniatures in the most perfect manner, and warranted to retain their brilliancy, with proper care.

Persons about leaving their friends, perhaps never to return, may leave with them an image delightfully calculated to keep in lively remembrance the happy moments spent together in times past.  He is prepared to operate in clear or cloudy weather.  August 31, 1853.

M. L. Sutphen is not recorded in other photographic directories.