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Lewis V. Stoffer

1850                Franklin House, Gallipolis, Ohio.

Lewis V. Stoffer was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Gallipolis Journal (Gallipolis, Ohio).  The announcement appeared on  November 7, 1850.  Daguerreotypes taken at the Franklin House.  See Advertisement.

The advertisement ran from November 7 to 21, 1850.  Lewis V. Stoffer, Daguerrian, Has opened Rooms in Gallipolis, at the Franklin House, formerly kept by Mrs. Ruby, where he will remain for a short time, to execute Miniatures by the Daguerreotype process, in a style peculiarly suited for presents or preservation.  Portraits taken by the improved process are possessed of a degree of truth and beauty seldom, if ever seen among the works of Art; in fact by the Daguerreotype

“The gift is given us,

To see ourselves as others see us.”

Pictures taken in clear or cloudy weather, and warranted not to spot or fade.  Now is your time to procure a life-like Likeness, which will remain when your body is in dust.  He will also visit houses, to take corpses, if desired.

Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and see his specimens.

Price to suit the times.

N. B.  Instructions given in this truly wonderful art, and patent apparatus furnished on the most reasonable terms.                           

Lewis V. Staffer is not recorded in other photographic directories.