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H. B. Vanneman

1852                Mulbery, Over A. G. [Thucker] Jewelry Store, Lebanon, Ohio.

H. B. Vanneman was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement that is unreadable.  The announcement appeared on December 17, 1852 in the Western Star (Lebanon, Ohio).

Daguerrean Gallery.  Premium Pictures.  H. B. Vanneman, would say to his friends and the public generally, that he is prepared to furnish them pictures of fine tone, with a proper degree of light and shade, and the features well defined, particularly the eyes.

An assortment of very fine cases always on hand.

Rooms on Mulbery, over the Jewelry Store of A. G. [Thucker.]

The advertisement was recorded on December 17, 1852.  Lebanon Daguerrean Gallery…  Unreadable Text….H. B. Vanneman.

H. B. Vanneman is recorded in Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 as being active in 1853-1854 and 1859-1860.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as H. B. Vannemann active in Lebanon, Ohio in 1859-1860 with Miss Ellen Vannemann.

D. Brigham

1852                Address Unknown, Lebanon, Ohio.  

D. Brigham was recorded in one advertisement that was recorded on December 17, 1852 in the Western Star (Lebanon, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  Stay At Home and See Yourselves.  D. Brigham, Daguerrean Artist, wishes to say to the numerous readers of the Star, that he intends visiting every town in Warren County, with his [ ? } Sky Light Daguerrean Room this fall and [ ? ] winter, for the purpose of taking Likenesses [with a proper degree of light and shade on every part of the picture].  By this he does not…[1]

D. Bingham is not recorded in other photographic directories.

[1] Most of the rest of the advertisement is unreadable.