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Jacob H. Lawyer

1848                #2 & #4 Exchange, Second Floor, Albany, New York.[1]                                              1849-1850     37 Owego Street, Ithaca, New York.

Jacob H. Lawyer of the partnership of Lawyer and Clark was recorded in an advertisement that ran from August 22, 1849 to February 13, 1850 in the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (Ithaca, New York).  Albany Daguerrean Gallery.  The Subscribers would respectfully announce to the citizens of Ithaca and vicinity, that they have opened a Daguerrean Gallery, in the room lately occupied by Messrs. Watson & Ryder, No. 37 Owego-st, where they will be at all times in readiness to furnish the public with better work than ever before done in Ithaca.

Being in possession of all the improvements in the art, they fear no competition, and invite the strictest examination and criticism.  The idea held out by indifferent operators that light eyes cannot be well taken, and linen cannot be made white is expelled at once by an examination of the work in this Gallery.

Miniatures can be obtained here of any size or price, at which they ought honestly to be afforded, but always of a superior quality.  The senior partner of the establishment have been employed as the operators in Meade & Bro’s. Gallery in Albany, in 1848, the best in the state feels confident of being able to give the public better Miniatures than have ever been furnished, and satisfy all that they have heretofore been outrageously humbugged.  The following recommendation is from Messrs. Meade, Albany:

We confidently recommend Mr. J. H. Lawyer to the public as a first rate Daguerrean Artist, understanding all the late improvements in the art.  Mr. L. has taken pictures in our establishment and has given general satisfaction.   Meade & Brother.  Albany, July 10, 1848.

The experience of the senior partner for the last three years in the business in the best Galleries, is sufficient to entitle him to the confidence of public when those around him are but beginners in the business without experience or taste.  Instructions given in the art on reasonable terms, and chemicals, &c. kept constantly on hand for sale.  J. H. Lawyer.  F. C. Clark.  Ithaca, August 20, 1849.

J. H. Lawyer is listed in other photographic directories, but is listed here for the information in the advertisement.

[1] Address from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.