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G. E. Trow

1844                Over Dr. Berry’s Apothecary Store, Saco, Maine.

1844                Address Unknown, Kennebunkport, Maine.

G. E. Trow was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in the Maine Democrat  (Saco, Maine).  The advertisement ran on August 6 & 13, 1844.  Daguerreotypes!  G. E. Trow, Would respectfully inform the citizens of Saco and vicinity, that he has taken rooms over Doct. Berry’s Apothecary Store, 2 doors from the Post Office—and is prepared to take Miniatures by this wonderful process from 8 o’clock A. M. to 6 P. M. daily without regard to weather.

G. E. T. has, at great expense of labor and means, at length succeeded in so far improving his apparatus; as to be enabled to produce a perfect Photographic Miniature in any weather, and consequently without using the direct rays of the sun.  Hitherto it has been generally supposed that sunshine was indispensable to the production of Daguerreotype Miniatures; but the important improvements just perfected, prove that this is a mistake.

Those who have never enjoyed the opportunity of seeing a specimen of Photography can hardly form an adequate idea of the extreme perfection’ beauty, and wonderful minuteness of a Daguerreotype Picture.

It is the work of Nature not of Art—and as far surpasses the production of the pencil, as all Nature’s efforts do those of Man.  In the creation of these pictures, the light of Heaven, alone constitutes the pencil, and Nature the artist!

In no case will persons be obliged to take a miniature, unless it is perfectly satisfactory.

Ladies & Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.

The announcement appeared on August 13, 1844.  Now is the time to obtain likenesses of your friends—an invaluable treasure when friends are removed from us.  Mr. Trow (see advertisement) takes most excellent Daguerreotype miniatures—and at very low prices.  He has many beautiful specimens at his room.  Give him a call.  Mr. T. will be at Kennebunkport to-day.

G. E. Trow is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Edward Stevens

N. D.               Address and Location Unknown.

Edward Stevens appeared in one announcement on February 8, 1853 in the Maine Democrat  (Saco, Maine).  Suicide.—In Kennebunk Port last Monday, 31st ult., Mr. Edward Stevens, having had some words with his wife about correcting one of the children, which very much excited him, took his leave of his family and said he was going up stairs to hang himself.  This he had often said before, and therefore the threat did not alarm them.  After a while his wife thought she would go up and see what he was about.  When she got into the chamber shocking to tell, he had fulfilled his word and was hanging by the neck.  With much courage his wife at once cut him down, to save his life if possible, but the vital spark had fled.  He has got his chest of tools ready to go away to work, when this freak of temper caused him to throw away his life.  This information we have from a correspondent at that place.—Argus.

A correspondent of the Boston Courier says Mr. Stevens was a man of some power and talent, but without stability of purpose or fixedness of principle, and had practiced for short periods most varied pursuits—among others that of a preacher, botanic physician, school teacher, daguerreotypist, writing master, abolitionist and ship carpenter, in which last capacity he was esteemed to be a good workman.  A predisposition to insanity, and long disturbed domestic relations, led to his tragic end, and a wife and five children and a father-in-law are left without the smallest means of support.

Edward Stevens does not appear in other photographic directories.