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Joseph G. Beach

Joseph G. Beach appeared in two advertisements in the Tri-State Union (Port Jervis, New York.)  The first advertisement ran from July 6 to September 21, 1854 and the second from November 9, 1854 to September 20, 1855.  He advertises skylight daguerreotypes and that he has fitted up a Daguerrean Gallery in the building on Pike street, opposite A. Kopman’s Store, where he is prepared to take Likenesses, single or in groups in the highest style of the Art, and at the very lowest prices at which good pictures can be procured.

In the second advertisement he states that he has made his business a study, and like a good student renders his works a study and admiration for others.  All styles of cases, Lockets, Rings, &c. constantly on hand.  He goes on to say that the best time for children [is] in the morning.

Beach does not appear in any other photographic directory or history that I have been able to find.