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J. M. Lyle

1853                Main Street, St. Joseph, Missouri.

J. M. Lyle was recorded in two advertisements.  The first advertisement was recorded on  November 30 & December 7, 1853 in the St. Joseph Gazette (Saint Joseph, Missouri).  J. M. Lyle Permanent Daguerreotype Rooms, East Side Main Street, St. Joseph, MO.  Pictures taken in every Style of the art.—Instructions given and Stock, Chemicals and instruments furnished.  November 16, 1853.

The second advertisement was recorded on December 16, 1853 in the Weekly Commercial Cycle  (Saint Joseph, Missouri).  J. M. Lyle’s Permanent Daguerreotype Rooms Main Street, St. Joseph, Mo.  Constantly on hand a complete assortment of Stock and Instruments, at the lowest prices.  Pictures put up in his late and superior style, with dispatch and neatness, and [ ? ] never to fade.  sept 2.

J. M. Lyle is not recorded in other photographic directories.