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George W. Fisher

1852-1854       Rooms at Odd Fellows Hall, Holidaymaker, Pennsylvania.

George W. Fisher was recorded in an advertisement that ran from August 26, 1853 to July 13, 1854 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania).  Daguerreotyping.  Wonderful Improvements in Art!  A never fading picture can now be got at the Blair Co. Gallery, Odd Fellows Hall.

George W. Fisher takes this method of informing his numerous friends throughout the county, that he has permanently located himself at Hollidaysburg, where he is now prepared to furnish superior portraits to all that wish a good picture.

After a long and serious time of experimenting in the Art, he is now prepared to take the finest kind of pictures in all kinds of weather.  A visit to his room and a trial is all that is asked.  His object is to please, and having the best light in the Borough, he feels that no failure can be made.

Pictures neatly colored and put in good cases, from $1,25 to $10.  Children taken in the morning from 9 to 11, in short space of one second.  Instruction given in the art, embracing all the improvements, on the most reasonable terms.  Apparatus and fixtures for Daguerreotyping furnished.  Hollidaysburg, Sept. 9, 1852.

George W. Fisher is not recorded in other photographic directories.