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Henschel & Robertson

1856-1857       Rooms at Bissell’s Hotel, Plaquemine, Louisiana.

Henschel & Robertson were recorded in two announcements and one advertisement.  The first announcement ran on December 20, 1856 in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).   Ambrotypes.  We would call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Messrs. Henschel & Robertson, who have opened rooms at Bissell’s Hotel for the purpose of taking Ambrotype Portraits.  These portraits are taken on glass, and are evidently far superior to those taken by the old Daguerrean system.—They do not reverse the position; they may be seen in any view; they are taken in a much shorter time; can be made double, and it is asserted that they will last for ages unchanged.  These are sufficient inducements to draw crowds to the rooms of the above gentlemen.

The advertisement ran from December 20, 1856 to January 3, 1857.  In the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  Ambrotypes.  Messrs. Henschel & Robertson Would respectfully inform the citizens of this town and vicinity, that they have visited Plaquemine for the purpose of introducing their beautiful art of Ambrotyping which consists in taking Portraits On Glass.

Messrs. H. & R. but ask the public to call and examine their portraits, when their superiority over all others, they feel assured, will be at once admitted.  They are finer and more beautiful; they do not reverse the position; they area as plain as an engraving, seen in any view; they are taken in a much shorter time, therefore the expression is more life-like; they can be made double, so as to show two pictures instead of one, and will last for ages, unchanged.

Correct Portraits of children of any age taken almost instantaneously.  Messrs. Henschel & Robertson have taken rooms at Bissell’s Hotel, where they would be glad to see all who have a desire to examine specimens of their art.

The second announcement appeared on January 3, 1857 in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  Ambrotypes.  Our citizens who have not been there, should certainly Visit The Rooms Of Messrs. Henschel & Robertson, at Bissell’s Hotel, and see their beautiful portraits, taken by the new system of Ambrotyping.  An occasion like the present, to have a correct and fadeless picture of one’s self—or of some one better loved—may not occur soon again.  We advise all, therefore, to give the above gentlemen an early call, as their stay here may be of short duration.

Henschel & Robertson are not recorded in other photographic directories.