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G. S. Gruber

1854                Rooms at the Hollinshead New Gothic Hall, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

G. S. Gruber was recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 23 to May 4, 1854 in the Jeffersonian (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania).  Daguerreotypes.  At the earnest solicitation of numerous friends, the undersigned has consented to remain in this place for a short time, in order that those desirous of preserving for future reference those “fresh and roseate tints which Incline to youth,” may avail themselves of this excellent opportunity to obtain that invaluable treasure.  Having practiced with one of the best city artist, the public may rest assured that his is no vain pretense.  No pictures taken away unless approved of by all parties.  Rooms at Hollinshead’s new Gothic Hall.         G. S. Gruber.

G. S. Gruber is not recorded in other photographic directories.