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G. Rand Thompson

N. D.               Address and Location Unknown.

G. Rand Thompson was recorded in one article on March 16, 1852 in the Trenton State Gazette  (Trenton, New Jersey).  G. Rand Thompson arrested at Philadelphia, on Friday night, for swindling, is one of the most celebrated criminals of the day.  He is a Kentuckian—a man of genius and education—affable and gentlemanly, and very polished manners.  He is an excellent engraver, a perfect penman, a daguerreotypist, and a nice workman in gold and silver.  In 1837, at the United States Hotel, in Philadelphia, he robbed a New Yorker of a large amount of Jewelry, which he afterwards gave up, on being sent to prison at Washington for a forgery on the U. S. Treasury.  In 1813, he robbed a gentleman at Boston of $2,000, for which he was sent to the Massachusetts prison for two years.  In 1817, he committed many hotel robberies at Louisville, by one of which he got $25,000 of jewelry of Mr. Thibault.—This property was recovered and he was sent to prison for the crime.  The prisoner will be detained for the present.  Pennsylvania has the immediate right to him, but Kentucky and New York both claim him.  As Kentucky has the best right to him, he will, no doubt, be taken back to Frankfort [ ? ].  He has a sister living in Philadelphia.

G. Rand Thompson is not recorded in other photographic directories.