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G. A. Monell

1859                Rooms at the Morse House, Port Jervis, New York.

G. A. Monell was recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 14 to October 13, 1859 in the

Tri-State Union (Port Jervis, New York).  Ambrotypes!  G. A. Monell respectfully announce to the citizens of Port Jervis and vicinity, that having engaged and fitted up Rooms at the Morse House, opposite St. John & Everett’s Store, where he will remain for the purpose of taking Likenesses By the new and Beautiful Ambrotype Process This new style of portraits is soon destined to supersede the far-famed Daguerreotype, as they possess many qualities superior to them.  They can be viewed in any angle of light, being divested of that glare so objectionable in a Daguerreotype.  Besides, they are much more durable, as they are impervious to either air or water; being, as their name imports, Imperishable.

If you want a relic to which every coming year will give additional value, on which will remind you of the progress made by the imprints of time, and as a souvenir which will be the most acceptable present to those whom you may bequeath it.  Pause not, Hesitate Not!—but step up to the Gallery, and in a few brief moments you will be placed in possession of a “faithful resemblance of the Human Face divine,” enclosed in a handsome case, and finished with artistic care and skill.

Children’s Likenesses, Are taken by this Art with almost absolute certainty.—Old Daguerreotypes copied and rendered perfectly durable, and improved, on the Ambrotype plate.  Likenesses inserted in Lockets and Breastpins.  This new art taught on favorable terms.  Cloudy or Clear weather equally favorable for this Art.  Much better pictures can be taken in dark dresses than in light ones.

All are invited to call and examine for themselves.  Every variety of Pictures taken, and perfect satisfaction guaranteed.

G. A. Monell is not recorded in other photographic directories.