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F. A. Gleason

1851                Rooms over the Post Office, Pulaski, New York.

F. A. Gleason was recorded in an advertisement that ran from February 6 to 20, 1851 in the Northern Democrat (Pulaski, New York.). Daguerrean Likenesses. F. A. Gleason, has fitted up a room over the Post Office, for taking Daguerrean Likenesses, and he is so vain as to think the man in=s not to be found, who can take a better likeness than himself.  But why listen to one who is talking only for himself?  Call and see for yourselves, and if you do not like his specimens, tell him so.  Pulaski, Jan. 20, 1851.

F. A. Gleason is not recorded in other photographic directories.