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E. W. Denison

1859                Main Street, over D. Rockwell & Co. Store, Westfield, New York.

E. W. Denison was recorded three times in the Westfield Republican (Westfield, New York). The first time was in an advertisement on March 30, 1859. Marble Hall Picture Gallery If You Want To Get A Good Picture Go To Marble Hall Picture Gallery Where pictures can be had surprisingly cheap and Strikingly Life Like.  I have on hand a full assortment of cases and Frames, and will engage to give my customers likenesses that will suit them.  I never shove off a poor likeness—preferring to lose a job rather than sell a bad picture.  Don’t forget the place—on Main Street, over D. Rockwell & Co.’s store.  Entrance between D. Rockwell & Co.’s and A. J. Schofield & Bro.’s.  Drop in and examine specimens.  E. W. Denison.  Westfield, March 29, 1859.

The second time was in an announcement on April 13, 1859. Ambrotypes For 25 cts.—Mr. Denison, who is a first rate artist, gives notice that he will put up in case likenesses for 25 cts.  Read his advertisement; and then go and avail yourselves of his liberality.

The third time was an advertisement on April 13, 1859.  Get Your Likenesses Taken and put up in a case. For 25 Cents At Denison’s Picture Gallery, over Rockwell & Co.’s. Store.

E. W. Denison is not recorded in other photographic directories.