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E. P. Masterson

1857-1859       Rooms on Pike Street, in D. T. Cox’s Building, Port Jervis, New York.

E. P. Masterson was recorded in one advertisement that ran from November 12, 1857 to February 3, 1859 in the Tri-State Union (Port Jervis, New York).  Collodion Pictures On Glass.—The undersigned would respectfully call the attention of the public to his new process of taking Collodion Pictures on Glass, which are in every respect Far Superior to the best results of the Daguerreotype—having none of that objectionable glare, and are perfectly distinct in any angle.

Their Tone Is Soft, Velvety, and harmonious, and possesses all the freshness and beauty of a steel engraving.  Their brilliancy is not impaired by time, but remains perfectly clear and distinct for ages, and serves as a memento to be handed down from generation to generation.  They are not liable to spoil by accident, being proof against acids, water and air.

Persons wishing a Beautiful, Colored, Life-Like Picture, Will do well to call.  Pictures taken in cloudy as well as clear weather.  Rooms with sky-light in D. T. Cox’s Building, Pike-st., near the depot.       E. P. Masterson, Port Jervis, July 25, 1857.

E. P. Masterson Is not recorded in other photographic directories.