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Elbridge G. McElroy

1847                Near Lower Mills, Dorchester, Massachusetts.[1]

1850                Brattle Square, over Whitney, Brackett & Co.’s. Store, Cambridge,                           Massachusetts.

1850-1851       Barker’s Building, Turnpike and Fourth Street, South Boston, Massachusetts.

1853                Park Street, near Harrison Square Depot, [Dorchester], Massachusetts.

1853                Near the Methodist Church, [Dorchester], Massachusetts.

1854                Near the Town Hall, [Dorchester], Massachusetts.

1856-1860       Address Unknown, Dorchester, Massachusetts.1

1865                Address Unknown, Cambridge, Massachusetts.1

Elbridge G. McElroy was recorded in A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900, three advertisements and five announcements.  The first advertisement ran from February 1 to April 19, 1850 in the South Boston Gazette (Boston, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes!  If you want a good likeness of yourself or friends, please call at Barker’s Building, Turnpike street, where E. G. McElroy will be pleased to wait on you, and warrants a good likeness or no charge; having had long experience in the art, he is confident that he can execute pictures in as good style as can be obtained elsewhere,—cloudy weather no objection.

The second advertisement ran from May 9, 1850 to May 23, 1850 in the Cambridge Chronicle  (Cambridge, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes!!  E. G. McElroy.  Has taken rooms for a short time over Whitney, Brackett & Co’s. store, Brattle Square, Old Cambridge, for the purpose of taking Miniatures, having had long experience in the art, he is prepared to execute Likenesses in as good style as can be obtained elsewhere, all pictures taken in his rooms are warranted not to fade, to give good satisfaction, and taken equally in cloudy weather.

The first announcement appeared on February 22, 1851 in the South Boston Gazette McElroy, at his rooms corner of Turnpike and Fourth streets, is taking splendid miniatures.  Give him a call if you wish to be well served.

The second announcement appeared on April 26, 1851 in the South Boston Gazette.  We would call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Mr. McElroy the Daguerreotype-man.  Just give him a call, and if you are not satisfied drop in at our sanctum and we’ll give you a quit-deed on our hat.  He informs us that he intends to remove before long, so if you want to get a picture, just walk up in double quick time.

The third advertisement ran from April 26 to May 3, 1851 in the South Boston Gazette. Daguerreotypes! At barker’s Building, Corner Turnpike and Fourth street, Only for a short time longer.

E. G. McElroy would respectfully inform the citizens of South Boston, that he is prepared, (having had long experience in the business,) to execute Pictures in every variety of style, warranted not to fade, to give good satisfaction, and taken equally well in cloudy weather.

Prices reasonable.

The third announcement appeared on April 2, 1853 in the South Boston Gazette & Dorchester Chronicle.  Daguerreotypes.  Those of our readers who would secure perfect pictures of themselves and friends, would do well to step in the saloon, of Mr. McElroy, located on Park street, near Harrison Square Depot.

The fourth announcement appeared on April 30, 1853 in the South Boston Gazette & Dorchester Chronicle.  Daguerreotype Saloon.  Now is your time, friends, of Port Norfolk, Neponset, Squantum, &c., for you to get perfect pictures of yourself and friends.  Mr. E. G. McElroy’s Saloon is stationed near the Methodist Church, and himself at home ready to greet you.

Mr. M. is one of the best artists in his profession out, and all may depend upon prompt and faithful attentions.

Go soon or you lose him.  All pictures warranted no to fade and to give entire satisfaction.  Price—one Dollar and upwards, according to the style.

The fifth announcement appeared on July 22, 1854 in the South Boston Gazette & Dorchester Chronicle.  Daguerreotypes.—Go, friends, to Mr. E. G. McElroy’s Saloon, near the Town Hall, and secure a perfect life-like picture of yourselves and friends.  There is a striking peculiarity about Mr. McElroy’s pictures—they are all very handsome.  Go quick or lose him.

Elbridge G. McElroy is recorded in other photographic directories, the newspapers help to fill in some of the gaps from the city, county,  regional  and state directories.

[1] A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.  1847 identified as E. G. McEllery.