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1852                Address Unknown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Digby was recorded in an announcement on November 13, 1852 in The Daily Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  Ed. Comet—Dear Sir:—Sometime ago I promised to give you a few Daguerreotypes uncolored, from my double convex achromatic Voitlander instrument.  In fact, if my memory serves me right I did give you two or three imperfect outlines of noted individuals.  The last exhibited to the public through your paper, was a specimen of the “Moddle Club President” which was such a life-like picture, that no less than seventeen elderly gentlemen have discovered its resemblance to themselves.  Were I not a very retired unassuming individual, and had I not yourself to stand between my slender body and the enemy, the light of my double achromatic would be shut down, and my own transcendent light blown out long since, and the world deprived of some of the best pictures (I flatter myself) that were ever taken by the heat of the noonday sun.

During the session of the Legislature I was forced as you know to suspend the Daguerreotyping business, for the reason that I could not take a good picture—even from my own imagination, without some half dozen fellows coming to claim the same, and threaten me with a suit for damages for exposing phizes to public gaze without obtaining an autobiography to accompany it.  This placed me in some very peculiar situations, in which I found it difficult to get out.  I have now on my shelf, portraits of the following persons which as the times are quite I will at leisure present.  There is a model doctor, lawyer, and Devine.—The model office-seeker.  I have also strong pictures of the model Southern Belle, and the model Belle’s mamma and papa, the model Louisiana Youth, or rather a young man.  And I shall favor your reader with them in due time. Digby.

Digby Is not recorded in other photographic directories.