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D. H. Harrington

1845                Rooms over William E. Dancy’s Store, Canton, Mississippi.

D. H. Harrington was recorded in an advertisement that ran on October 18, 1845 in The Mississippi Creole (Canton, Mississippi). Daguerreotype. D. H. Harrington respectfully announces to the citizens of Canton and its vicinity that he will remain here a short time, for the purpose of executing miniature portraits from the life after the manner of M. Daguerre.

Dr. B has taken the large room over Wm. E. Dancy’s store, formerly occupied by the Thespian Society which will be open for the reception of visitors Monday next.  Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine his specimens.          Sept. 27, 1845

D. H. Harrington is not recorded in other photographic directories.